Cooperation information

As regards our export structure we work with one exclusive importer per country, also taking advantage of their distribution network. Reliability, commitment, market knowledge and the possibility of long-term cooperation play a primary role in the selection of distributors.

Our prospective partners must be a company authorized to sell excise products in the given country. The company's name, address, headquarters, the signatories, social security numbers and bank account number are the essential requisites for mutual cooperation. The delivery address for merchandise must be in the same geographical area as the new distributor's registered company. If you are situated in an area where we already have a partner, please contact them concerning either purchase or cooperation issues. Our current partners can be found via the following menu item: 'Our partners'.

To comply with local legal regulations is the responsibility of the distributor, at the same time in case of more lenient local regulations we insist on the adherence to our Marketing Codex standards and the requirements of responsible drinking.

Our future partners, conforming to the excise regulations of the given country, must produce the necessary licenses before we initiate co-operation. This is a pre-condition for us to be able to guarantee the goods free of excise duty. Paying duties and taxes is the responsibility of the partner in the given country.

Based on the Zwack credit policy, we may deliver products to our prospective partners in case of prior payment, or alternatively if we receive a 50% deposit and a 50% enforceable bank guarantee. The products may leave our company in each case only after the receipt of the full purchase price. After a number of years of cooperation, and provided our insurance company is prepared to guarantee the deferred payment of our partner, it would be possible to grant customized payment conditions to our partners. We offer a so-called executive agreement in cases when a partner commits himself and guarantees to purchase an annual quantity for the next three years. Then on our side we can commit ourselves to an exclusive contract for that geographical area.

Based on the Hungarian market experience acquired by Zwack Unicum PLC., our company has significant 'know how' regarding which strategies could be successful in a new potential market. The export department is prepared to share this knowledge with future partners. We are open to different individual proposals, innovative strategies created by the foreign market in question, but everything that differs from our corporate identity and marketing policy must be authorized by us. Financial marketing support could be given in case of a long-term cooperation and shared undertaking, which is defined according to individual contracts.

The range of exported products is different from the domestic portfolio. Please check our current product list.

In case you have further questions after familiarising yourself with the full content of the conditions above, please do not hesitate to contact us in one of the following ways:

Phone: +36 1 476 2300

Fax: +36 1 216 0995