Zwack's Export History

Zwack Unicum PLC. was already very active internationally before World War II, exporting to many European countries as well as the Americas. Now as then, building our brands beyond Hungarian borders is more than ever a priority. This is demonstrated by the dynamic development of Zwack exports that have tripled between 2000-2012, spreading to more than 30 countries around the world.

Zwack Unicum Nyrt.

Year after year Zwack brands reach new markets and the number of countries where we have built relevant distribution networks is growing significantly. Currently, there are over 45 countries where more than 10 Zwack brands can be found. Although the range and popularity of available brands varies from country to country, Unicum,Unicum Plum, palinka and palinka-based products are the most significant. Unicum yields nearly 80% of our total export, while among the Pálinkas the Kosher Plum and various fruit palinkas are the most popular.

Our most important export markets are Italy and Germany and much emphasis is also placed on neighbouring countries in the short- and medium-term such as Romania while in Slovakia we are mainly focusing on our Vilmos pear eaux de vie. Other future strategic markets are beyond the borders of Europe such as Asia.The Company has the objective of deriving at least 10% of its gross sales from exports and has the ambition to increase it. 

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